Our staff have varied areas of
expertise, allowing you the opportunity
to meet with an expert in your area of
need. Through the varied expertise of
the therapists at Marriage & Family
Health Services, each client is able to
work with someone who can best
address their needs. Clients receive
individualized assessments and
treatments plans providing solutions
for a wide array of individual,
relationship, and family problems. We
have licensed psychologists, licensed
professional counselors, marriage &
family therapists, and social work
staff.  Each one has their own specific
areas of therapeutic competence.
Outpatient Counseling Services

Individual Outpatient Therapy  
Our clinicians are highly trained and well experienced professionals who
recognize the importance of privacy, compassion, and efficiency during times of
stress. We utilize a broad range of evidence-based, well-researched, and
effective treatment approaches in a supportive and positive environment. Please
navigate to the "Our Staff" web page for a roster of our clinicians and their
individual areas of expertise.

Marital Counseling
It is essential to meet with certified marriage and family therapists when you have
a relationship problem. We have several licensed MFT staff and one approved
supervisor in the Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Trauma and Abuse Services
Marriage & Family Health Services also employs an EMDR trained Master’s Level
therapist. EMDR is the recognized form of treatment for children and adults who
have been traumatized. The types of trauma that we work with include but are not
limited to physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and/or witnessing a
traumatic experience.

Play Therapy for Children
Marriage & Family Health Services has a well known expertise in the area of play
therapy. In addition to having a number of play therapists, Marriage & Family has
two play therapy rooms to work with children. Play therapy is the recognized form
of treatment with children who are experiencing emotional and/or behavioral
difficulties, and can be the treatment of choice for older children with
communication problems. The age ranges with which our therapists work include
children as young as 2 ½ years of age.

In-School Counseling Services
Marriage & Family Health Services is pleased to be able to provide licensed
professional counseling services in a large number of school districts, from
Wisconsin Rapids to Ellsworth and Durand to Cumberland. Being able to provide
effective, research-based services in the child's school can allow for greater
continuity and therapeutic gains.
We currently contract with these school districts and also provide in-school
counseling services in Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, River Falls,
Barron, Rice Lake, Turtle Lake, Marshfield, Cameron, Cumberland, Elk Mound,
Chetek-Weyerhaeuser, Eleva-Strum and Pittsville.

Grief Counseling
Our clinicians possess considerable training and experience in assisting people
who are grieving, both in the anticipated process following an important loss and
in cases in which the grieving is unusually prolonged, problematic, or otherwise

Making an Appointment and/or Referral
To schedule an appointment with one of our therapists, you may contact our
office closest to you.  Please know that our office in Eau Claire has two full-time
administrative staff who can schedule appointments for the Eau Claire office
and assist you in identifying the therapist most appropriate for your area of
concern, and can provide guidance regarding satellite offices as well.
We welcome the opportunity to be of assistance in scheduling an appointment
and/or answer any billing/insurance coverage questions you may have.

MFHS will bill insurance as a courtesy to you. Please consult your insurance
company or policy booklet to verify coverage for outpatient mental health
services at our clinic. Any portion of charges that are not covered by insurance
will be billed to you.  If you do not have insurance and wish to pay your bill
after your session, you may receive a discount for payment in full.
We do accept Medicare and Medicaid clients. However, certain HMOs
will not cover services at our facility.

We ask that you call with cancellations on the day prior to your appointment so
that others in need can be scheduled at that time. If you do not attend
or cancel without cause on the day of the appointment, you may be
charged a fee of $50.00.
Marriage & Family Health Services, Ltd.